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- By definition/a process or action to begin 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with your life, spinning your wheels, working at everything but not feeling successful at anything, now is the time to get to the root of the issues that are standing in your way by clearing a path to life with more of “you” in it. 
In choosing either the 8 week or 12-week program we will work together and uncover the problems through deep discussions and discovery exercises such as an in-depth personal assessment, addressing stress points and how to face them head on and setting realistic goals and how to achieve them. We will zero in on these issues and formulate a plan for you to move forward and be successful. 
When we do this, you feel a larger sense of purpose and a renewed sense of focus and the confidence to face these challenges head on. We will break down the barriers that have held you back and show you how to succeed at those things that have bothered you for so long.

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