I Wish I May I Wish I Might...

As a boy growing up on the family farm, in the summer, I would lay out in the yard next to our house and look up at the stars and feel so small in compared to all that I saw in the sky. At the same time I felt that with all that creation had laid out before me I wondered what my purpose was, i had to be here for a reason what could that possibly be? I would wish upon the biggest star I could find and i wished for the answer of why I was here.

Today I am much older with a family of my own and i still ask that very question that has eluded me all of my life. A question that many ask" why am i here?"As i have contemplated this question, looking back at my life, my experiences the people I have loved and lost and all that life has taught me and one thing is for sure, wishing has not made the answer to this question any clearer.

In our search for our purpose there are many obstacles that seem to cloud our path. Society deems it necessary to "make this much money", "drive this car", "have this job", "be successful", not just in one thing but in all things and whatever you do don't make a mistake because perfection is something society loves more than anything and it is quick to dismiss and scorn any imperfection.

With all of societies double standards and "noise" how are we able to determine what path we are to take? Many of us unable to see a clear path. We follow the crowd and hope that they will happen to find happiness along the way. What happens to so many is disappointment, loss of self, anxiety, depression and the feeling of loneliness and being lost.

I believe that taking positive steps each day, free of the unrealistic expectations that society has shown us, is a way to not only find our purpose but to live it. in order to build a life that we are proud of we need to be true to ourselves and each other.

Finding our purpose in life is not a single moment of realization that "this is what it has all been for" and we all of a sudden head in a new direction. i believe our purpose is revealed throughout our lives. In the lives that we touch, in these moments we see what our purpose is. it is only through living our lives,being true to ourselves sharing our gifts and lifting others up that our true purpose is then revealed to us in a life well lived.

With a focus on respecting ourselves, and treating those we encounter with respect and love we uncover the true nature of our purpose in the world which is We all have a part to play and we get to decide what that part is. The question remains how big of a part is that going to be?

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