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Growing up on the family farm in rural Iowa, I was taught the value of family, faith and hard work but, for several years,  I felt like I wasn't fully practicing these values, merely living among them. I’d had a successful career and supported my family, but things never felt “right.” I was not living my values and beliefs as I truly wanted to. I  wanted more of "me" in my life and to experience joy again. I knew things had to change.

Helping men and women find ways to create lives that they are proud of, thankful for and that give them joy each and every day, is my mission. It is my calling. As a person that has struggled  to find their place in the world, I am committed to helping other people find theirs.



Are you a professional that is looking for assistance with an online event, co-host a podcast, radio show or Zoom discussion for broadcast or other ways to partner? I would be happy in talking with you about what your needs are and how I can help. Please contact me directly so we can discuss your ideas!


"Matt Kiernan's humble personality, and outstanding character make him a consummate professional. With his tenacious work ethic, Matt is able to conquer life's challenges that have come his way and helped others do the same. He is fiercely loyal, dedicated, and is consistently committed to helping others to succeed. He utilizes excellent communication skills to connect with diverse individuals. These qualities make him a valuable asset to his community. "

Eva Cole


Executive Producer

CEO of Cole Cutie Books LLC



"Matt makes an indelible impression within moments of first meeting him. He is sincere, genuine and uses his years of experience being a personal and professional mentor to focus on issues that matter most.

Matt's ability to connect with people one on one or in a group setting is remarkable. He relishes the opportunity to make meaningful connections and help people each and every day in a profound way."

Chris Anderson

​Director of Philanthropy & Community Partnerships at Youth Emergency Services & Shelter

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